How to Use Twitter to Build Relationships and Grow your Business

twitter_birdMany business owners are still confused about Twitter and how they can use to grow their business. Twitter is really like an online networking event, cocktail party, even like a backyard barbeque, depending how you use it. Most importantly, this is a social gathering. It’s people getting to know each other and having conversations. Embrace this concept and just keep it in mind with everything that you do. Then you will be a success in how you find new relationships that will help you boost your brand and build your business through Twitter.

Part of your Social Media Strategy

If we want to use Twitter to grow our network we really need to be intentional about how we’re using it so that it can refer business. That’s really the end goal. If you want to use it, it has to be part of your social media strategy. Who is your audience, what content will you share, what are your goals and objectives to using this social media tool? Just as you need to analyze each social media tool, or even any marketing tool. What is my goal? How will I measure its success?

There’s a very big misconception for mostly newer social media users that if you join one or two or three platforms, you can pretty much do the same type of thing on all of them, and it will be effective. Obviously, they’re not seeing results from that. That’s because you really do need to treat each social media platform differently.

There are 3 main golden rules in Twitter that you really need to follow for each tweet create:

  1. Be human. Everybody says be human, humanize your brand, but that’s real life. If you are on Twitter and people are on Twitter. It’s about conversations and relationships. There are no robotics that are going to be acceptable here. You need to be really human.
  2. Be relevant. Twitter is a news stream. People go there to find out what’s going on. Being relevant is so important on this platform. It’s literally the reason why it’s still around today.
  3. Be giving. You need to give and give and give and don’t stop. This is what people want when they come to you on a platform like Twitter. They’re expecting a lot of value in return for their follow.

What do you want to be known for and share that.

It’s really, really important that you keep this in mind. Playing the connector card, is huge in life. It’s a great way to show people that you are on the pulse of information, and who people need to know.

Think about the advice that you could possibly provide or just look into the resources that might help you come up with these pieces of advice. Find ways to come up with your little 100-140 character tweets with quick tips. I say less than 140 because if you want room for a hashtag or two.

Conversations are tremendous. Listen and talk to people.

This will show your interest in others and build your community. Share value often. Even if you have nothing to tweet, just go out and find the conversations and talk with people. Don’t expect conversations to come to you. They will in due time, but remember give and give, and then you’ll get something back.

The key is to be consistent with it and to add your own unique voice.

It takes time to build up your followers. The key is to keep on tweeting, to engage with others that resonate with you. Like any social media, it takes commitment and patience to become proficient at it.

What has worked for you and your business on Twitter? Comment below and send me a tweet at


As published in the Smiths Falls HomeTown News



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Social Media Workshops

Social Media Workshops

socialmedia_trainingCrummy Media Solutions is presenting a series of Social Media Workshops within the Lanark County area. Sign up now to discover how to find potential customers through different social media tools!

If you don’t see a workshop listed that you would be interested in, please contact us to find out about other potential small group sessions.

Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast

Date: Wednesday January 21, 2015, 7:30am – 9:30am

Venue: TBA

Cost: Chamber Member – $20; Future Member – $30


Speaker: Sherry Crummy – Crummy Media Solutions

Register on the Chamber website


LinkedIn for Business – Small Group Training

LinkedIn is an amazing B2B marketing tool if you use it correctly. It is not just a place to store your online CV or search for jobs. It is a business imperative to have a great presence on LinkedIn.

In this hands on small group session Sherry Crummy will show you how LinkedIn can benefit you, your company and brand. This session is limited to a maximum of 8 people for personalized attention for your business needs.

We’ll start from the beginning and discuss: 

  • What LinkedIn is and why you should be using it;
  • How to create a great personal profile;
  • How you can use it to build the relationships that are key to your success; and
  • Tips and techniques for LinkedIn best practices

After leaving this session, you will:

  • Have created a LinkedIn account, if you don’t have one
  • Create/update a profile that creates the right professional impression
  • Optimize your profile so you are found by people looking for your skills
  • Understand LinkedIn etiquette so you are confident when using LinkedIn
  • Connect with others via LinkedIn
  • Learn how to use groups and engage with other members

 What you need to bring with you:

  • a laptop
  • a headshot photo on your computer to upload onto your profile (preferably in .jpg file format)
  • your resume and two paragraphs about your experience and skills on your computer
  • if you have a profile, you will need to know your password

Speaker:              Sherry Crummy, Crummy Media Solutions

When:                    Tuesday, February 3, 2015, 6 pm – 8:30 pm.

Cost:                       $40 + HST for chamber members and $60 for non-members + HST for non-members.

Register with the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce.

*Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance, otherwise the full invoice amount will be required.

Twitter 101: Making Sense of Twitter

Words like re-tweet, hashtag, and DM may sound like a foreign language, but don’t let a lack of understanding keep you from utilizing this powerful medium. In fact, once you learn Twitter’s basic terminology, you may find it not only easy to use, but also instrumental in meeting your business goals. Attendees will learn:

  •  Common Twitter terms and their usage
  • Strategies for attracting followers
  • How to create powerful messages in just 140-characters
  • Applications that make Twitter easier to manage
  • How you can use Twitter to grow your business

Each participant of this course should have their own laptop that is able to connect with WiFi. To gain the most from this class, students should already have a profile on Twitter. 

Speaker:              Sherry Crummy, Crummy Media Solutions

When:                   April 7, 2015; 9:30 am -11:30 am

Cost:                     $10.00 (light refreshments included)

Contact  The Small Business Advisory Centre to register

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