New Online Social Media Marketing Workshops for 2020

Are you stepping up your social media marketing in 2020? 

We all know the importance of social media marketing in today’s marketing world, but not all of us can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of all the social media tools. 

Learn how to create an engaged community around your business with social media marketing. Learn how to attract your targeted audience, provide value for followers, promote your brand, and set up targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Sherry Crummy at Crummy Media Solutions is offering 4 new online social media marketing workshops that you can take individually or package together. Sherry has been training and coaching businesses on how to make the most of their online marketing efforts for over 8 years. 

Workshop #1 will be all about Facebook Marketing – How to connect with your audience in 2020

Workshop #2 is taking on Linkedin for your business. How to make real connections that will make a difference in your business. 

Workshop #3 is where we dive deep into your digital marketing and social media goals for 2020 and develop a strategy around it. Figure out your unique selling proposition and get your messages out there. 

Workshop #4 will be all about Instagram Marketing and showing you how to improve your presence, rock the new features to grow your audience. 

Instagram is one of the most important and most powerful marketing channels of our time. Most successful brands are primarily thinking first and foremost about how this visual social channel is going to help propel their brand.

Facebook Marketing – How to connect with your audience in 2020

Tuesday, March 10 at 10 am – 12:00 pm

Learn about all the important aspects of Facebook Marketing in 2020 during this hands-on workshop.

As a small business owner, the greatest challenge trying to wear all hats, and marketing is often put the back burner or not planned strategically to see results.

This workshop will guide you in using the best practice through to creating content strategy’s and planning that will take your Facebook Marketing to the next level.

This workshop will show you the fundamentals of Facebook Business Marketing which includes: Facebook business page revamp to maximize business exposure, business page best practices, generate Likes, ROI, analysis of your market, boosting and advertising basics, strategic planning, content planning, creative social designing tools and time at the end for your questions.

Cost: $29
Workshop via Zoom

or Social Media Marketing series = $99

Facebook Marketing for Business  – $29 + HST

Leveraging LinkedIn For Business Growth Workshop

Tuesday, April 7, 10 am to 12 pm

LinkedIn is an amazing B2B marketing tool if you use it correctly. It is not just a place to store your online CV or search for jobs. It is a business imperative to have a great presence on LinkedIn.

At this hand’s on session, Sherry Crummy will show you how LinkedIn can benefit you, your company and brand.

We’ll start from the beginning and discuss:

– What LinkedIn is and why you should be using it;
– How to create a great personal profile;
– How you can use it to build the relationships that are key to your success; and
– Tips and techniques for LinkedIn best practices

After leaving this session, you will:

  • Have created a LinkedIn account, if you don’t have one
  • Create/update a profile that creates the right professional impression
  • Optimize your profile so you are found by people looking for your skills
  • Understand LinkedIn etiquette so you are confident when using LinkedIn
  • Connect with others via LinkedIn
  • Learn how to use groups and engage with other members

What you need:

  • join the workshop via a laptop or desktop computer.
  • a headshot photo on your computer to upload onto your profile (preferably in .jpg file format)
  • your resume and two paragraphs about your experience and skills on your computer

If you have a profile, you will need to know your password.

Workshop via Zoom

or Social Media Marketing series = $99

Leveraging LinkedIn For Business Growth  – $29 + HST

Facebook Advertising – Beyond the Boost Button

Tuesday, May 12, 10 am – 12 pm

Learn how to leverage the most powerful tools in Facebook and manage ad campaigns more efficiently. This workshop explores Facebook Business Manager to make data-driven decisions and refine your business’ advertising.

Topics include:

  • Creating custom Audiences
  • Building Custom Audiences
  • Using Facebook Creative Hub
  • Ad Reporting
  • Allocating Your Ad Budget
  • How to Measure Success

Requirements: Must have already have a Facebook Ad account set up.

Workshop via Zoom

or Social Media Marketing series = $99

Facebook Advertising – Beyond the Boost Button Workshop – $29 + HST

Instagram for Business – Building your Brand -101

Tuesday, June 10 at 10 am – 12:00 pm

This workshop will involve practical and hands-on learning which will ultimately show you how to build an authentic and genuine Instagram presence to grow your business.

The focus will be on:

  • What does Instagram offer that other social networks do not?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which members of your audience are active on Instagram?
  • How can you partner your Instagram marketing plan with other social strategies?
  • Creating a profile and grid aesthetic which works for you
  • The strategy of #Hashtags – How to use the right hashtags and @ mentions
  • Content planning and scheduling
  • Posting to drive engagement that truly connects
  • An overview of Instagram Stories
  • Reviewing Instagram Analytics.

It is designed for those that have some knowledge of Instagram (ideally have the business account set up and running, though that is not essential) but want to learn how to unlock its full potential with the addition of new functionality and increased strategic understanding.

Course requirements:
Basic familiarity with Instagram and an Instagram account
Smartphone with a running Instagram account.

Workshop via Zoom

or Social Media Marketing series = $99

Instagram for Business – Building your Brand -101 – $29 + HST


Get all 4 Social Media Marketing Workshops for only $99

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Tips for Planning a Successful Website

websiteplanUpdated for 2020. Originally published on May 10, 2015, in the Smiths Falls HomeTown News. 

The importance of a strong website to promote your business is paramount. It acts as a sales agent for your business, greeting your visitors during each visit.

If your business does not have one, it is time to think about your marketing goals. Your website is your marketing hub and a tool that should be maximized to its full potential. Launching a new website is exciting, a little scary at times, and can be overwhelming to think about. As the old adage goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Building a website without a plan is like constructing a building without blueprints. Here are some key components to consider:


What is the goal of your website?

Think strategically on what is your website’s role, what content goes into it, so it’s crystal clear what you want the new site to do. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and design your information architecture, what should be their action points? For example; sign up for your newsletter, buy your products or rally behind a cause. Who is your target audience? Set measurable, specific goals for your website that are in line with your marketing goals.

An analytics tool like Google Analytics will allow you to monitor your website’s performance over time.


What is lacking in your current website?

Ask your current users what they like and dislike in the current website, any common complaints from frequent visitors. A lot can be learnt from Google Analytics, where are the users spending the most time, where is the exit point, where are they going from your site. Follow the facts and don’t assume here. Is it mobile-friendly? Updates to the Google Algorithm means that all websites need to be an adaptive or responsive design for mobile devices. If they are not, they may not show up in a Google search on these devices, which can greatly hurt your business.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a must today, you can add, modify, delete your photos, text, pages, sections and be in complete control of your content on the fly. The most common CMS tool is WordPress. 

A free tool like Website Grader will give you the basics to grade the performance and usability of your website. It grades the structure of your website, whether it is mobile-friendly, the search engine optimization (SEO), and the security of your website. It is a great place to start when reviewing your current website. 

Is your current site helping you reach your marketing and sales goals? If not, you will have to consider not only the functionality and usability but the messaging and whether there are clear calls-to-action.  


Create a Content Strategy

What kind of content will you be displaying on your website? Content is basically anything that gives your visitors information. It can include but is not limited to: blog posts, documents, video, pictures, embedded social media feeds.

Your content strategy is the way that you plan to present your content over time. For instance, you may want to publish two blog posts a month, regular news posts or a regular report. Since content is such a vital aspect of a website, bring in help if you need it. Hire a writer who is experienced with writing for the web, and invest in some professional looking pictures of your business and staff. Also, you are a better writer than you think you are, don’t let that hold you back from creating content. If you are more comfortable, do a video, embed it on the website, and hire someone to transcribe the video to create the post content. 

Probably the most important aspect of website ‘structural design’ is how you breakdown the content into logical sections (Main Areas, Pages, Headers, Sub-Headers, etc). A major aspect of usability for a website is the need for people to be able to find what they want, and quickly. Logical, practical and sensible navigation is essential if your site is to succeed.

Create a sitemap diagram or use cards. A sitemap is like a flow chart and shows how users move from one page to the next. Use the site map diagram or cards to show how you envision the web page hierarchy and connectivity. Think about the end-user and not how you would like to see it, ask your website developer for assistance, as they have experience with how user’s view web content.

Have some content ready before you start building a new website. It will be much easier to see how the website style looks if you have your actual content instead of blank pages. You don’t need to everything ready, but it will look much better in mockups if you have some copy and images. Don’t hold the launch of your website up because you don’t have everything ready, because your website is fluid and content can be added and edited after launch, you do want the critical information before launch though. 

Select strong photos for your site. It’s not just written content that matters, the images/video, you use on your website will help build your brand and improve the user experience. Ideality, you can hire a photographer to take branding photos for your website, but in many cases, stock photography will work well too. Look into buying high-quality stock photography, make sure that it is royality-free, so you have to rights to use it. 


Maintain your Website

Once your site is launched, the work isn’t over. A website is an ongoing entity that continuously represents your business, so maintenance is very important. Monitor your analytics to see how your website is performing. Keep an eye on metrics like your number of unique visitors, bounce rate, and which pages are most popular on your website. Consider also ‘future-proofing’ your website. This means your site having a built-in ability to expand. You don’t want to have to rebuild the site again from the ground up, every time you have a new idea you want to add to it.

Launching a new website is by no means easy, but with a strong plan and a launch strategy in hand, your website launch should run smoothly.


If you need help planning and creating your new website, please contact us


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