Month: April 2013

Why Use Twitter for Marketing?

If your business can benefit from networking, and most can, Twitter is for you. 

Canada ranks 5th  in Twitter use around the world at 2.9%. Although that doesn’t sound like a very big share, the U.S. accounts for 51% of all Twitter users, followed by U.K. (17%), Australia (4%), and Brazil (3.4%). For Canada, the actual numbers of Twitter users comes to just over 4 million people, and that has tripled since 2009 ( Sources Webfuel – Canada Social Media Statistics, Ipsos – Social Listening Ipsos Trends and Nielsen Social Media Report 2012).

About 3% of Twitter accounts worldwide, according to the Nielsen report, belong to entrepreneurs. Across Canada, small businesses are increasingly seeing the need for engaging their markets using Twitter, so we have a much deeper penetration among entrepreneurs than much of the world. According to a BMO study from June 2012, 31% of businesses in Canada that use social media in their marketing efforts make use of Twitter.

The top three reasons why businesses use social media are:

  • To promote brand or reputation (33 per cent)
  • To gather ideas or suggestions from people (23 per cent)
  • To sell business products or services (23 per cent) 

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