How to know if you should join a new marketing platform like Threads 

There’s a lot to be said for “shiny object syndrome” in business. That is, the tendency of entrepreneurs and business owners to be distracted by new and exciting opportunities.  These opportunities often present themselves in the form of new social media platforms, which promise to provide a new way to reach and connect with potential

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Using Google Business profile maps

Optimizing Google Business Profile for Local SEO Growth

Take Advantage of the Tools Available in the Google Business Profile to Expand Your Business Focusing some of your marketing resources on search engine optimization (SEO) is something any (good) marketing consultant will advise you to do.  With some simple tweaks to your website wording, formatting, and content, you can drastically increase your website traffic

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artificial intelligence small business

What every small business owner needs to know about AI

While people have been talking about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), for a long time, we’ve really started to see the power and seemingly endless capabilities of AI in recent months.  Much of AI was initially designed to replace manual labor, allowing for greater efficiency and effectiveness in some mundane and repetitive jobs or

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Website Planning

Creating a new website? Here’s how to prepare and plan

Thinking of launching a new website in the coming months?  Whether you’re updating an existing website or building one from scratch, there are a few steps you should take before reaching out to a web designer or developer in order for the process to flow smoothly and efficiently.  Often I have people come to me

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