Content Is King in Building Engagement and Trust

What you write and publish online is the core of your website. Your content engages your readers, attracts their attention, and builds interest in your company. Providing useful, insightful and well-written information heightens professional credibility, creates trust, and engages your readers to believe in what you are selling. Remember: This is business, not personal. Strategic content ensures you share relevant information with your target audience and will eventually boost business.

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You are an expert at what you do. It’s great to discuss your skills, services or goods in person with everyone you meet but since your website is the portal to your business, share it online! Explain what you offer. Outline your services. Your business may be essential, unique or amazing, so it’s time to elaborate! Here’s how:

Use keywords throughout your website

Content attracts search engines and creates a buzz in social media. As part of your Social Media or Digital Marketing Strategy, using keywords correctly throughout your website improves search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine ranking determines where your website appears in search results, making you more or less visible to potential clients. The stronger your keywords, the higher the ranking. This increases attention toward your website and attracts more business.


Research your competitors

If you’re not an experienced writer, find out how your competitors are describing their services online. How is your business different? What makes you stand out? Write down your key features and if you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to hire professional help. Content is an investment that will last year after year.


Be meticulous

Check spelling and grammar. Check it again. If you choose to write and not hire a writer, ask a friend or family member to re-read your content. This is crucial! There is nothing more detrimental for your business than to have a website avalanched with errors. It’s truly disastrous. A flawless website transcends a professional, reliable image. And hey, image is everything.


Be concise

Be brief. Be clear. The fewer paragraphs your reader needs to scroll through, the more interested they will be. This is where editing comes in. It is truly possible to write everything you need to say without publishing an online novel, unless that’s what you’re selling, of course. Solid, consolidated writing can also show a great deal of professionalism where subconsciously, the reader realises: “Wow, I am convinced in so few words! I’m sold.”


Be bold

If this sounds exasperating or you simply don’t have time to sit, think and type, hiring a professional writer can go a long way. Shakespeare said “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I love this quote, it transcends so much about the power behind the written word. Of course none of us would opt to start a sword fight these days, but a professional writer has the ability to portray your thoughts with panache.


Writing for the web is a vital component of your company. How can someone trust your business if its description and all related content is not regal? Content rules and must be taken very seriously. Don’t forget to have fun!

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