Creating your Digital Marketing Strategy

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It all starts with a plan 

When it comes to the internet, the number one reason to have your business online is to drive traffic to your website and get the visitors to take action while there. Having a strong presence in social media also improves your search engine optimization, as these accounts are indexed by Google.

So let’s face it. Today’s world runs on social media. If you don’t use it to help identify your business you’re not only losing customers, you’re losing credibility. Everyone is using social media; everyone, everywhere. Let us show you how to work social media to your advantage and boost sales.

We build custom Facebook pages, application services and integration services for your existing website.

We can also assist with the management and design of your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin accounts.

See our portfolio for examples of our custom social media designs.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

If you plan to spend time and energy on your social media presence, you need some form of a social media marketing plan.  Best practice tips to create relevant content and engage in meaningful conversations with your social media audience. Review of your existing social media profiles, and give suggestions for improvement, and look more professional.  You can ask any questions you may have of our social media consultant during your strategy session.  We also help you understand how you can measure the results of your campaigns to make sure that you can evaluate their effectiveness.


  •  Marketing Goals and Objectives
  •  Competitive analysis
  •  Analysis of target market
  •  Review of existing social media presence
  •  Review of email marketing campaigns
  •  Recommended tools, including a plan for each social media and online marketing tool
  •  Recommended updates for website to increase Search Engine Optimization and improve visitor experience
  •  Suggestions for engaging your audience
  •  How to use a content calendar
  •  How to measure success with measurement tools
  •  Short-term Action Plan
  •  Assistance with setting up or optimizing your social media accounts
  •  1-hour one-on-one strategy session