Social Media Branding for Stewart Park Festival

The Stewart Park Festival is a weekend music festival in Perth, Ontario. The organizers and manager wanted to reach a wider audience this year and decided to step up their marketing efforts. This meant developing a new website, and developing a stronger social media presence.  I cleaned up their existing logo and made it into vector-format for printing. The design for the social media channels is based on the new design for the website that they had created by PurplePress. Four artists are highlighted to display an example of the festival’s great line up.

On Facebook, if the cover image is click on, it will go to a description of the image and a link to the Performer line up page.  This is another great way to get visitors on Facebook to find out more information on your website.

The Twitter banner is much larger and continues the same images, fonts and colours for the brand.

For the YouTube banner, a very large image much be uploaded, so it looks good on in TV format, but only a small strip shows on computers, and a even smaller amount is shown on mobile devices, so all important information most be centered.

Facebook Cover Design

Twitter Banner Designstewartpark_twitter

 YouTube Banner Design



Improve your social media presence with consistent branding

Your company’s branding is an essential part of your marketing strategy, which means it should be a fundamental aspect of the way that you engage with social media. If you branding is not consistent branding across all media aspects, prints, website and social media marketing, it will confuse your customers and potential customers. A strong visual brand helps you connect with your community and effectively convey your brand’s personality. Find out more about branding in my Beauty of Branding post.

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  1. Thanks for all the advice and help, Sherry!

    Stewart Park Festival has come a long way in its branding and presence this year, in large part due to your advice. It’s so much easier to brand with a plan.

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