Social Media/Digital Marketing Coaching Program

Social Media Coaching Program (6 months)

I’m so excited to tell you about my new 6-month social media group coaching program.
This is an opportunity to get organized, create a strategy, get inspired, get regular accountability, training and feedback along the way so that you can get your business online and visible so you can make more money.
What’s included:
  • 3-hour kickoff strategy session – we’re going to create your social media strategy, which is the key document you need to start implementing effectively online (Monday, January 13 9:30 am – 12:30 pm)
  • 2 monthly 1-hour coaching calls – this is where you can get accountability, and feedback on what you’re doing, what’s working and how you can keep getting the most out of your time online. (First and third Thursday from 1-2 pm starting in January.)
  • 2 private coaching calls with me. You can use one near the beginning of the six months and another closer to the end to get personalized and private feedback from me when it comes to your online presence.
  • A closed Facebook group – this is where you can connect with your fellow group members, ask questions between calls and where I will be sharing all the recordings from our calls as well as other resources I think will be useful to you.
  • Free access to all online workshops that I offer.
Bonus for signing up early (bonus ends Nov 18 , 2019) :
2 extra group calls in November and December to get you started.
The cost is $300/month + HST, or if you pay all upfront you pay $1600 + HST. You also get one extra bonus session for an upfront payment. 🙂
Let me know if you want to jump on a call to talk about it or if you would like to move forward because I know you were excited about it.

Sherry gave me the confidence to know what to say and how to say it. Working with Sherry helped me to stop hating social media. In fact, I now absolutely love working on my social media stuff.

Sherry helped me to put a plan in place and I am already seeing its impact both in my social media engagements as well as sales.

Pamela George –  Pamela George Financial Literacy


If you use social media effectively, you can dramatically ramp up your online audience and with it your prospects and sales! For more information on how Crummy Media Solutions can help your business develop and implement an effective social media strategy, contact us!


6 month Social Media/Digital Marketing Coaching Program $1600 ( Pay in full to Save $200)

Social Media/Digital Marketing Coaching Program $300 (Monthly Payments for 6 months)

$300 a month for 6 months. Contact me for details.