The Beauty of Branding

What is a brand and why is branding important?

A brand is defined as a name, symbol or design that identifies your goods and services. Your company logo is your brand. If your logo includes a tagline, this combination is also your brand. A strong brand is fundamental to your business, and must resonate with your existing and potential clients. Once you’re happy with your brand , it’s time to showcase it to the world.

Including a branding strategy in your marketing plan is crucial. Why? Because it personifies your business, delivers your message clearly, increases your credibility, motivates your clients, and creates loyalty. Branding allows you to take a strong stance within your niche market. Don’t you want your business to be recognised as the best? Applied correctly, your brand can help you achieve that.


Your brand is what differentiates you from your competition. Ensuring your brand is consistent throughout all your outreach tools encourages your target audience to select you over the competition. It’s simple: good branding frames your business as the best solution for their needs. Branding is visual reassurance, and when a client is reassured, they buy into your product or service.


How to apply your brand

Branding is essential –  Branding is easy. All you need to do is apply your brand consistently in all marketing and communications material. This means your brand is applied on your website, social media tools, business cards, advertising, and newsletter, if you have one. Basically, it should appear on everything you are using to promote your business.


The golden rule: Less is more

Branding is subtle, yet it is always present. Remember the golden rule: Less is more. Your brand should appear once on each medium in a spot that will stand out, and without overpowering your content. Content is king. Branding should be clearly visible on your website, on your Facebook banner, and on Twitter, to name a few. Also, branding application will be slightly different on each platform due to various layouts, and the way audiences are engaging on each medium.


Your brand is your voice

Your brand is the voice of your business. It is something people will recognize, something your target audience will relate to. Your brand is more than a symbol; it conveys emotion or tells a story. Branding is not just graphics and words, it is the bridge toward your business. International brands have successfully paved their way as pillars by using their brand as symbols and offering constant visual repetition, over and over again. With branding, these companies are also offering an experience, one that relates to their business.

Building your brand

Remember that in the beginning, you are building your brand. You know your business best and various marketing tools will help your business shine. Once you apply your brand across all marketing platforms and use branding effectively, people will start to recognize your business and its value. Effective branding will increase client engagement and boost revenue. And that’s a beautiful thing.

What steps have you taken to develop your brand?


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Branding”

  1. I once had to explain to someone that when I went from their Facebook page to their web site I thought I had gone to the wrong site because there wasn’t a single thing that tied the two together. People look for cues – branding is so important, in look and feel and tone. 🙂

  2. Colour is another key component of branding. Chosen wisely, it can be a very powerful part of your identity.

    In my opinion, there is nothing quite like colour to evoke emotion and create a memorable visual impression!

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